What I Can Do for You

Every writer needs an assistant. Someone to read and critique each draft. Someone to point out the holes, the inconsistencies, the poor pacing and the waffling characterization. Someone to handle the busy and absolutely necessary work of social media.
I’ve got the experience, the technical skills, and the creativity to be your writing coach, plot doctor, or virtual assistant.
A writer for thirteen years and ghostwriter for over three, I have written books that have ranked in the top 100 of the Amazon store. Don’t go looking for my author page. These 45 books were ghostwritten, and I can’t divulge the titles due to nondisclosure agreements. During my time ghostwriting, I've worked with a variety of repeat clients, including best-selling romance writers. If you're interested in my feedback from many of my clients at Upwork, then you can check those here

I’ve been an active critique partner, working with about a half dozen writing groups in the North Carolina and Maryland area, a…
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